A mediocre essay on A Clockwork Orange, 1984, and Absolute Beginners…

To what extent do twentieth-century writers view the history of the century as a fundamental struggle between socialism and capitalism? The ‘struggle’ between socialism and capitalism, at least within a British historical perspective, is one based on the pursuit of power. The fight between socialism and capitalism as definitive ‘sides’ is fundamentally flawed; both are […]

Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Mary Barton’ and the Concept of Religious Naivety

In her fictitious account of working class existence in the mid 19th Century, Elizabeth Gaskell imparts an elucidatory, if naively pious, portrait of the ‘social problems’ of the Victorian Era and in [attempting] ‘to persuade her readers to view her working-class characters as individuals’[1] hopes to ‘eradicate evils by arousing the conscience of all those […]

3 shows/films you should watch after Parasyte: The Maxim

Where do we go from here? Needless to say, you’re still thinking about your emotional attachment to Migi (protagonist Shinichi Izumi’s parasitic right hand) and whether love-interest Murano saw Migi reach out from Shinichi’s arm to save her from falling down to her death off the top of a tower block…so many questions, and no […]

Noopi Garr, poet

Just a few poems that came to me while I was sleeping. Sexual empowerment, femininity, and butt plugs all come into play. Just bec- -ause I have a butt that is not the only thing i got from my father’s mother’s son Buttplugs i wrote ‘fuk u’ on my hand, not because I hate myself […]


Welcome to Bad Essay! Hello. I hear you asking ‘who’s behind the keyboard?’, ‘what’s the point in me being here?’, ‘why should I care what you have to say?’, and ‘why would I read essays that are bad?’. Well, we’ll answer those now: A few people, who will be introduced in a moment Clearly, you […]

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