Noopi Garr, poet

Just a few poems that came to me while I was sleeping. Sexual empowerment, femininity, and butt plugs all come into play.

Just bec-


I have a butt

that is not the only thing

i got from my father’s mother’s son

  • Buttplugs

i wrote ‘fuk u’ on

my hand, not because I hate myself

in the ink of my mother’s brother’s wife

i wrote these sounds in piss and shit

and wiped piss and shit all over myself

because i am my mother’s grandfather’s son.

  • piss and shit

once I crept into my mother’s room

there on the stand a buttplug stood

i was my father

  • my mother’s buttplug

My first house party

Was a limp cock

And a tequila shot

  • tequila mocking cock

first day of school

6 slices of toast and 4 weetabix

in PE I didn’t stop taking off my clothes until

my cock was out and

that was the day I earned my name

  • Noopie garr

i met my father before my mother

in the waiting room where

he was jacking off

  • cock sock

I am fed up of a world where

men have big cock

where is my cock, mother?

  • cockblock

my mom is a serious cockblock





i am all of these words

and my mother is still blocking

my cock

  • goolly smock